Introducing MobiTaxis.
A mobile application that helps people find and order taxi services.
It can be used by anyone with a smart phone to provide quick booking for a local taxi without a phone call via a multilingual interface and geolocation mapping to the closest taxi available.
User Application
Upon loading the app, the user can order a taxi to his current location or to another specified location. He can choose the size of the car, specific taxi company and nearest available driver. The pick up can be immediate or scheduled up to 24 hours in advance. The user can track the allocated taxi on the map while having the flexibility to chat with the driver using text or voice. A...
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The app is compatible with
Driver Application
Functionality, Booking Requests, Payment
1. Driver will be provided with an Android tablet with an installed driver app
2. Driver can accept or reject requests from clients
3. Upon reaching the destination the client can pay by credit card in his app, swap the card in the driver’s app, or by cash
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Smart booking and tracking technology
Taxi Company Interface
Company reporting system is highly efficient in checking drivers’ rating, number of customers per day, and total income per day, etc. Company info is also available in checking its income and profit and total dispatch per day.
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