User Application
Upon loading the app, the user can order a taxi to his current location or to another specified location. He can choose the size of the car, specific taxi company and nearest available driver. The pick up can be immediate or scheduled up to 24 hours in advance.
The user can track the allocated taxi on the map while having the flexibility to chat with the driver using text or voice.
A notification will then be sent to the user upon taxi arrival.
Payment options are available through either saved Credit Card, redeeming a previously purchased coupon, or cash at your destination.
  • Compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, HTML5
  • Free download from all major app stores
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Customisable user profile
  • User notifications upon taxi arrival
  • Saved Addresses
  • History of trips made
  • Multiple payment options available
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Driver Application
Functionality, Booking Requests, Payment
Driver will be provided with an Android tablet with an installed driver app
Driver will be provided with a car charger, vehicle device mounting solution, wireless printer, Credit Card reader & adapter for the pad, Taxi sign control unit adapter, and fully fledged Pc with optimum processing.
Driver can accept or reject requests from clients
Driver has to sign in using username and password. After login the driver is in one of 4 statuses: Off Duty, Occupied, In Use, and Available. When a client request a taxi pick-up the closest available taxi is sent a notification using 3G/4G technology.
Upon reaching the destination the client can pay by credit card in his app, swap the card in the driver’s app, or by cash
Printer generates receipt and the user is then sent a notification of completed transaction and arrival of destination. Driver’s status is then changed to Available
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Taxi Company Interface
Company reporting system is highly efficient in checking drivers’ rating, number of customers per day, and total income per day, etc. Company info is also available in checking its income and profit and total dispatch per day.
  • Access to drivers’ username and passwords
  • Manage drivers’ cost from backend
  • Create users to access parts of the website
  • Create drivers with full profile
  • Drivers can be deleted from system
  • Company can check full status and location
  • Route of taxis can be visible on map
  • Flexible communication between company and drivers and view pending clients